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3D Media Server lies at the heart of your digital home.  At it’s simplest, it’s an on-demand jukebox for thousands of movies, albums and other media content. This content could be coming from the Base’s silent and speedy SSD hard-disk. Or it could be on a high-capacity, protected NAS drive, or even from an online streaming-content provider such as Spotify, Last.fm, Youtube and others.

DF Solutions Base 3DAll DF Solutions Servers are designed from their very core to be usable by all members of the family, from the very young to the very old. In order to do this, we have designed our interfaces to mimic how we browse records and movies in real-life.  So no blinkered ‘chess-board’ style Movie Libraries, no fussy and complicated menu-structures. Everything is visual. From spinning discs to indicate the currently playing CD, to fan-effects  denoting box-set compilations… our products are designed by a team that love movies and music, and use the result of their work at home (guinea-pig testing on family members is entirely voluntary of course!)

Movie Serving

The Base3D is by far the most accomplished and flexible Movie Server available on the market today.  That’s alot of hyperbole, but you need to see the TV interface in action to understand what it’s capable of (be sure to watch the Youtube videos below).

The Base does away with the concept of browsing media files and directories, as seen on cheap media-streamers.  The Base integrates movies and video from multiple NAS devices into 1 coherent and simple to use Movie Library.  The Base automatically downloads cover-art, backdrops and movie reviews for content that it finds, meaning that you just have to do 1 thing… watch!

The Base can playback everything from 3D Bluray movies and MKVs, to DVDs and video-clips, all from HDD and networked NAS devices.  This means you can have instant access to thousands of videos without the need to buffer/stream, and with NO loss of quality.

Home Cinema and Beyond can provide the full range of DF Solutions Media Servers. Get in touch with us to see the DF Solutions Media Server in action in the UK’s leading home cinema demo room.

Video Browsing on DF Solutions

Browsing even the largest selections of home movies is simple, easy and intuitive with DF Solutions.

Audio Browsing on DF Solutions

Browse your audio library by artist, track or album on the DF Solutions Media Server.

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